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8 製造年份,在 21 世紀重新演繹。
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 · Urwerk AMC JM : The Urwerk AMC is by far the most audacious and ambitious watch in the 2019 GPHG. Not only does the watch come with an entire atomic clock for reference, but a fully mechanical sympathique connection that allows the mechanical AMC to be updated every night to the most accurate possible current time.
PHILLIPS : Two in One: The Urwerk AMC Wristwatch and Clock
What Urwerk put together in the AMC project
LIKE most developments in haute horlogerie, one of Urwerk’s latest creations was inspired by an Abraham-Louis Breguet work. Urwerk co-founder Felix Baumgartner’s AMC, while virtually sci-fi in both design and operation, is apparently based in principle on Breguet’s Pendule Sympathique — the dozen known examples of which the watchmaker produced between the late 1700s and the1820s.

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 · The Urwerk AMC has created one of the rarest creations in horology, a watch that can connect to a master system and be automatically adjusted to keep accurate time. This was always a sign of a true watchmaking genius, and Urwerk being who it is decided that it wanted to combine the old with the newest timekeeping technology.
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,主時鐘自動上鍊,Urwerk參考了阿伯拉罕-路易•寶璣(Abraham-Louis Breguet)於1795年發明的交感座鐘。寶璣的系統包括一個顯示參考時間的母鐘,每317年才出現1秒的誤差,De Urwerk Atomic Master Clock is intrigerend | MANNENSTYLE

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按一下以在 Bing 上檢視2:37 · Urwerk has a long history of experimenting with high accuracy timekeeping. Their most recent experiment into this arena is the Urwerk AMC. AMC stands for “Atomic Master Clock” and the basic idea behind the AMC is …
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URWERK AMC原子機械控制子母鐘,其母鐘以Atomolith為名而且是原子鐘。採用銣
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 · Urwerk AMC: This Atomic (Clock) Mechanical Control Is A 21st Century Version Of Abraham-Louis Breguet’s Sympathique Clocks But Much, Much Better (Geiger Counter Not Included) – Reprise March 7, 2021 / 0 Comments / in Highlights, Clocks, Urwerk / by
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 · The Urwerk AMC is the latest result from this division. Inspired by a 17th century innovation by Abraham-Louis Breguet, who, in his obsession to produce more accurate timepieces, invented the Pendule Sympathique, where a master clock is used to auto-regulate a pocket watch, Urwerk decided to recreate the same concept but this time with much more modern components.
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2018 Revolution Round-Up: Urwerk
AMC The year 2018 got off to a spectacular start for Urwerk when it announced during SIHH that it would be making an atomic clock that would be paired with a wristwatch. Much like Breguet’s Sympathique clock invention from 1793 that had a docking station to wind, regulate and set a pocket watch, Urwerk’s Atomic Master Clock, or AMC, would do exactly the same thing.
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Urwerk: Projekt AMC
Urwerk stellt zum Genfer Uhrensalon SIHH 2019 das Projekt AMC vor, bei dem die Genfer Uhrenschmiede eine Atomuhr und eine mechanische Uhr zusammenbringt. Die Atomuhr bildet die Mutteruhr, die die mechanische Armbanduhr aufziehen, einstellen und regulieren kann. Je häufiger die Armbanduhr von der Atomuhr gestellt wird, desto präziser wird ihre Genauigkeit mit der Zeit. Die
Urwerk AMC Clock & Watch
Urwerk AMC Clock & Watch Inspired by the Sympathique built by Swiss watchmaker Abraham-Louis Breguet in 1793, the Urwerk AMC Clock & Watch pairs an atomic tabletop clock with a wrist-bound timepiece. The 55-pound clock is made from a solid hunk of aluminum and has a special cradle for the watch that allows the clock to wind the timepiece, set the time, and adjust the balance rate.
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Urwerk AMC project – The most ambitious one
Urwerk began the project in 2009 and designed the construction specifically for the AMC project. It includes typical Urwerk features such as a power reserve indicator, two stacked barrels for power reserve and an oil change indicator.
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Atomic Clocks in the Living Room – Urwerk’s AMC
The Breguet Sympathique is still widely revered for its ingenuity, not least by the creators at Urwerk who have offered their own modern interpretation with the AMC. The AMC is futuristic, slick, and extraordinary, but it encapsulates historical technology, both with the atomic clock and Sympathique system – there’s no denying that it’s drawn on a rich past of technological advancements.
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21 世紀重新演繹
The URWERK AMC 瑞士獨立製錶品牌 Urwerk 在 Baselworld 2018 上展示了旗下又一巧妙天工的原子鐘裝置 AMC(Atomic Clock-Controlled)。 它的設計概念源自瑞士鐘錶大師 Louis Breguet 在 1793 年發明的 “Sympathique” 座鐘,在午夜時以機械方式為相應的懷錶設定時間。時間快進到Urwerk,為2018年製的AMC原子機械控制子母鐘,2018 尺寸,US$2,900,000
Urwerk AMC is not just a fascinating combination of atomic. and mechanical watchmaking systems

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URWERK AMC Clock and Watch System drew its inspiration from horological legend, Breguet’s sympathique clock systems which pioneered the concept of a fixed-position master clock that sets and regulates a portable satellite watch all without intervention by
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AMC腕錶 – 和域 2019
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打破紀錄的「名人勞力士」 Phillips紐約鐘錶拍賣喜迎白手套
Urwerk AMC 原子鐘配鈦金屬機械腕錶 拍品編號,設置還會校準腕錶,原子鐘極為準確,估價約30,000,000元。 (圖/富藝斯提供) 同場另一個深受矚目的URWERK作品, 45 x 30 x 18 cm(原子鐘) 45 x 54 mm(腕錶) 估價,US$1,000,000 – 2,000,000 成交價,由一個原子鐘與機械腕錶組成