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Acnologia vs Igneel
Acnologia vs Igneel Jul 2, 2016 – Omg I have very love this chapter !! it’s crazy Times: 2 Days Software : Gimp 2 Colo by Fairy tail (C) Hiro Ma
Fairy Tail Manga 399: Aparecen Acnologia e Igneel + Erza Vs Kyouka - Review - YouTube
Igneel Vs acnologia
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Goku & Piccolo vs Igneel & Acnologia - Battles - Comic Vine
Igneel vs acnologia
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Igneel vs acnologia
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Acnologia vs Igneel! Part 2, a fairy tail fanfic
Igneel growled and I knew he was angry,and so was I. Igneel stepped forward his claws dragging dirt out of the ground. He growled and put his head in front of Acnologia’s and said “we fight first.” Zeref stepped back giving Acnologia some room to fight.
OMFG - Fairy Tail 257 (2014 Episode 82) Reaction/ Review - Acnologia vs Igneel フェアリーテイル - YouTube

Fairy Tail [AMV]- Natsu & Igneel vs. Mard Geer & …

按一下以在 Bing 上檢視3:39 · Igneel and Natsu vs Acnologia and Mard Geer Im So Sorry [AMV] Donaldfcarroll8684 1:02 Fairy Tail Tartaros – Zeref (Appearance) Kills Mard Geer (Deah) Nagisa Kowaru 2:05 Fairy TailAMV- Mard Geer vs. Celestial Spirit …
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Igneel and Natsu vs Acnologia and Mard Geer Im So …

按一下以在 Bing 上檢視2:53 · 5 years ago | 142 views |
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AMV-Fairy Tail - Igneel vs Acnologia - Angel with a Shotgun - YouTube

Igneel,Grandeeny,and Metallicana vs Acnologia? …

It’s a nice headcanon, but I think Mashima would wait until the very end for final Zeref fight, and it seems too soon to just end it in a few arcs. I want to see Igneel, Grandine, and Metallicana vs. Acnologia. Although, the case will likely be the dragon slayer trio (or
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Is Ignia stronger than Acnologia?
Interesting question, but the truth is that we don’t know. Elefseria claims the 5 dragon gods have power that is equal to Acnologia’s, while Ignia claims that the 5 dragon gods have surpassed Acnologia. But I have some points that would put the 2
Fairy Tail Chapter 414 Review/Rant -- OMFG Igneel vs Acnologia FINALE! Unexpected Death?!? - YouTube
Question – How Strong is Igneel?
 · Igneel is the king of fire dragons. His fire is the strongest, blah blah. He’s respected by all, feared by many. He’s one of the strongest dragons, that’s for sure. Acnologia isn’t exactly a dragon, so I wouldn’t say Igneel can’t be the strongest. DSs can somehow
Fairy Tail AMV - Igneel Vs Acnologia 2015 - YouTube

Fairy TailAMV- Natsu & Igneel vs. Mard Geer & …

 · Я всех приветствую. Всем приятного просмотра!
Fairy Tail [AMV] -Natsu & Igneel Vs Mard Geer & Acnologia - YouTube
Was Prime Igneel at least Equal to Acnologia?
 · Weakened Igneel vs Acnologia was extreme diff. 1 PwnGoatVSPandaman Banned Mar 2, 2017 #20 savior2005 said: no he wasn’t, cuz it was zeref who said acnologia was holding back. zeref said that acnologia has yet to face a true challenge. plus, like others
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fairy tail who is stronger igneel or acnologia?
 · Acnologia is preferably stronger by strength but Igneel has more heart and a will to fight, thus if they fight, Igneel will win somehow. Natsu and Gajeel will beat Sting and Rogue. Not so sure about Gajeel though, but he comes through when it matters most.
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Acnologia Vs Igneel
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[AS] Acnologia : fairytail

So, with the Igneel vs Acnologia fight, did Acnologia have slayer advantage? I mean, he is a dragon slayer, so his magic is supposed to be more effective to dragons. I guess the fight was mostly hand to hand (or claw to claw) combat, but what do guys think? Did
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Discussion – Igneel and Natsu vs. Acnologia
 · – Igneel takes on Acnologia once again, this time with Natsu powered up with Ignia’s flames. – Takes place on Guiltina. – In-character but going all out. – Igneel and Natsu can’t feed each other. Scenario 1: Normal Acnologia Scenario 2: RoT Acnologia
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Discussion – Igneel and Natsu vs. Acnologia
 · Acnologia is not mid diffing. He lost an arm during Tartaros, and losing a limb automatically entails an extreme diff. Igneel managed to make Acnologia bleed all over and cough up blood. Mirajane gave Gray a high diff fight. There’s absolutely no way Mirajane gave
REACTION -- Fairy Tail 400 Manga Chapter フェアリーテイル Igneel Vs Acnologia&Natsu F Ig - YouTube
Igneel vs Irene : fairytail
Igneel wins. He was 400 years past his prime and still took one arm from Acnologia. I really wanted to see him fight with his full power. Irene is a enchanter, if I remember correctly, so that ain’t gonna work against a big and powerful dragon like Igneel like it did to the