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Human T Regulatory Cells Can Use the Perforin Pathway …

Ichiki A.T. K-562 cells lack MHC class II expression due to an alternatively spliced CIITA transcript with a truncated coding region. Leuk. Res. 2003; 27 : 1027-1038
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Role of Lectin-like Oxidized LDL Receptor-1 and …

previously proposed that during gestation LOX-1 could be activated by circulating factors released from the placenta, immune cells in vitro and potentially affect ex vivo vascular function 18
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Vascular Effects of Estrogenic Menopausal Hormone …

 · Hiroki J, Shimokawa H, Mukai Y, Ichiki T, Takeshita A. Divergent effects of estrogen and nicotine on Rho-kinase expression in human coronary vascular smooth muscle cells. Biochem Biophys Res Commun. 2005; 326:154–9. []
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Expression of MAGE‐antigens in normal tissues and …

Unlike testis, where there was concordant MAGE mRNA and protein expression, no staining was detectable in placenta, a tissue reported to express MAGE‐3 and ‐4 mRNA (De Plaen et al., 1994). Other investigators have also been unable to detect MAGE‐ proteins in placenta…
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The biology of cancer testis antigens: Putative function, …

In addition to testicular expression, MAGE‐A3, MAGE‐8, MAGE‐A10, XAGE‐2 and XAGE‐3 have been found to be expressed in placenta (Caballero and Chen, 2009). Some somatic tissues such as pancreas, liver and spleen have been demonstrated to express mRNA of several CTA.
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Pregnancy upregulates angiotensin type 2 receptor …

Ex vivo exposure of estradiol to uterine arterial rings dose dependently upregulated AT 2 R expression, that was inhibited by estrogen receptor antagonist. These results demonstrate that elevated AngII levels during gestation induce an increase in uterine blood flow via heightened AT 2 R-mediated signaling.
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Ophiopogon japonicus—A phytochemical, …

 · Results O. japonicus is widely distributed in East Asia, especially in China. Numerous compounds were identified from this plant. The main components of O. japonicus include steroidal saponins, homoisoflavonoids and polysaccharides, which exhibited various pharmacological activities, such as cardiovascular protection, anti-inflammation, anticancer, anti-oxidation, immunomodulation, …
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Pattern and clinical significance of cancer‐testis gene …

strictly confined to germline and placenta. Methylation of CpG islands in CT gene promoters is the primary silencing mechanism in healthy somatic tissues. Activation of CT gene expression in tumors is thought to result from demethylation of these 3, 4
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Placenta, 30:543-546, 2009 Kim J-M, Ogura A. Changes in allele-specific association of histone modifications at the imprinting control regions during mouse preimplantation development. Genesis , 47:611-616, 2009
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Mechanisms of Coronary Thrombosis in Cigarette …

Effects of cigarette smoke exposure on clot dynamics and fibrin structure: an ex vivo investigation. Arterioscler Thromb Vasc Biol. 2010; 30:75–79. Link Google Scholar 55. Barua RS, Sy F, Srikanth S, Huang G, Javed U, Buhari C, Margosan D, Aftab W.
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Genetically engineered mice handbook
Ichiki was a manager of the Pathology Division at Panapharm Laboratories Co., Ltd. from 1985 to 2000. In 2000 he joined the staff scientist of Transgenic Inc. In 2001 he served a sabbatical as visiting investigator of The Jackson Laboratory until 2003. Dr. Ichiki is
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Vasodilatory response of fetoplacental vasculature to …

Objective: This study was undertaken to determine whether adrenomedullin, a hypotensive peptide, decreases vasomotor tone in fetoplacental vasculature that has been constricted with the thromboxane sympathomimetic U46619. Study Design: The fetoplacental vascular beds of 20 perfused human placental cotyledons were vasoconstricted with a continuous infusion of U46619 (10 –8 mol/L). The
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Role of the renin–angiotensin system in kidney …

Misfolded proteins (green) are present in term placenta, as visualised by the fluorescent compound Thioflavin-T. In their study, Tang et al. found that endoplasmic reticulum stress is greater in placenta from women with obstetric antiphospholipid antibody syndrome, which is associated with the extrusion of toxic placental extracellular vesicles.
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A review of equine sepsis
In an ex vivo model of endotoxaemia, polymyxin B was found to inhibit TNFα activity from LPS‐stimulated monocytes (Parviainen et al. 2001 ). In vivo studies have shown beneficial effects of polymyxin B after experimental induction of endotoxaemia in foals and adults, …
Three years later, with the use of an ex vivo placental cotyledon perfusion model, it was shown that maternal-to-fetal folate transfer was mediated by placental folate receptors (15). These studies indicated 2 steps in this process: first, circulating maternal 5-methyltetrahydrofolate was captured by placental folate receptors that richly decorated the maternally facing chorionic surface.

Immunologic Consequences of Hypoxia during Critical …

In the current review, we provide an overview of the immunologic consequences of hypoxia. We focus on in vitro, animal, and human studies concerning inflammatory conditions relevant to critically ill patients, including a discussion of oxygen-dependent signaling pathways and intermediate signaling systems (e.g., the hypoxia-inducible factor [HIF] system and adenosine metabolism). 2,7
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Placenta is permeable to TRH (15) and to immunoglobulins G (IgG) from midgestation. At the time of delivery, cord blood TPOAb correlate with maternal TPOAb concentrations (23a). Maternal passage of TPOAb and TgAb are not associated with thyroid fetal dysfunction.