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How to Type Faster Without Looking At Your Keyboard

Others may type only with two fingers, hovering over ten (or more) keys each, always having to keep their eyes on the keyboard to get the right keys. Although you might be typing fast with only half of the needed fingers, you have to put down your foot (or your hands) and break that habit immediately.
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按一下以檢視 · In this fashion, you’ll have to type your words to text. With manual texting, you may have to press a select key, like a button in the center of your directional pad, to select the letter after rapidly pushing the number key. In some cases, your phone will interpret a long pause after pressing the key as the …
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2 Ways to Learn How to Type Faster and More Accurately

Placing your fingers correctly on the “home row” will help you type faster.
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 · Jack Dennerlein, an ergonomics researcher at Northeastern University’s Bouvé College of Health Sciences, said the study reinforced what other studies have shown: Two-handed typing is faster
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A proper upright position helps increase concentration levels and will give you the needed focus boost to type efficiently. Secondly, the way you position your wrists and elbows also make a considerable difference in typing faster and accurately.
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The quickest and easiest way to memorize the keyboard is to place both of your index fingers on the F and J keys, using them as reference points. By having your fingers fall naturally on the middle row of the keyboard, you will type faster without looking in no time.
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 · How do you type fast on touchscreens, without a physical keyboard? According to a study, the answer is to type with two thumbs and rely on autocorrect, not on predictive text. Pausing for a word prediction and choosing it is slower than autocorrect, and two
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6 tricks to help you type faster with less mistakes

Flowing from the earlier point, placement of your hands on the keyboard is also very important to typing faster and without any mistakes. The placement of your hands must always be in a way that
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How often and how long you should practice depends on how serious you are about getting faster. Just 10 minutes a day of proper practice will give you pretty big results within just a week or two.
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 · The first step in learning how to type faster is by utilizing all ten of your fingers. Even if you are a pretty good typist, you may neglect your pinky fingers, or favor one hand over the other. Re-familiarize yourself with “home row” finger placement, positioning your pointer fingers on the “F” and “J” keys.
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How to type Faster: Typing Tips and Instructions.

Tips to type faster and instructions for touch typing. Easy steps to improve your keyboarding skills. Learn how to improve your typing. My tip to improve your typing speed is to focus on accuracy, going as slowly as you need to, then gradually trying to speed up.
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Because of this, we have five techniques that you can apply to type faster and master the keyboard. Use All of Your Fingers When people begin to type, they will use the “poke” method, which involves using their two pointer fingers to hover over the keyboard and poke the keys.
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Learn to touch type the new way: Get more done in less time. Typing is a skill needed in many jobs, in college, for authors, and more. It’s a valuable skill for life. Touch typing can be …
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The irony is, typing faster or the practice of touch typing should be learned slowly but surely. Do not rush when you just started learning, because you’ll eventually speed up when your fingers hit the right keys out of practice. Definitely, it’s a skill that anyone can improve on.
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Typing is a skill needed in many jobs, in college, for authors, and more. It’s a valuable skill for life. Touch typing can be a lot faster than two fingers. This means you’ll get your typing tasks finished a lot quicker.
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Sure, touch typing is faster than tapping away with a couple fingers like you probably do at the moment. But at first most people find that touch typing actually slows down their typing speed as they spend more time concentrating on which finger is supposed to hit which …
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You’ll ge practising two keys at a time. You won’t be bored. Each combination will only be practiced for 30 seconds. This is the most efficent way to learn to type. The result is fast keyboard typing skills in far less time. You’ll learn: – Where the keys are
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Swipe to type is another cool and arguably faster way to type. This feature is default on Android 4.2 and above phones, and most third-party keyboards support it. In swipe typing, you glide your finger from one word to another instead of tapping each character.